Opening Keynote

DJ Koh

President and CEO
IT & Mobile Communications
Samsung Electronics

Eui-Suk Chung

Executive Vice President
Head of SW and AI
Mobile Communications Business
Samsung Electronics

Jaeyeon Jung

Vice President
Head of Service Security Technologies Group
Samsung Electronics

Dag Kittlaus

CEO, Viv Labs
VP, Mobile R&D, Samsung Electronics

Adam Cheyer

CTO, Viv Labs
VP, Mobile R&D, Samsung Electronics

DJ Koh
Eui-Suk Chung
Jaeyeon Jung
Dag Kittlaus
Adam Cheyer

Spotlight Session

Spike Jonze

Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker

Sarah Bond

Head of Global Gaming Partnerships and Development

Nobu Ide

Representative Director
President and CEO
Wacom Co., Limited

Tim Sweeney

Founder and CEO
Epic Games

John Hanke

Niantic, Inc.

Spike Jonze
Sarah Bond
Nobu Ide
Tim Sweeney
John Hanke
All Speakers
Chris  Benjaminsen - Portrait

With 18 years of industry experience and five successful games startups under his belt, the last being PlayerScale which sold to Yahoo in 2013, Chris Benjaminsen is a true games insider who not only know where the market is moving, but also how to best execute in this ever-changing industry.

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  • Type: Technical
Jack Ahn - Portrait

Jack Ahn joined Samsung Electronics in 2016 and is the Vice President of Samsung Connected Health Strategy and R&D. After graduating from Stanford with an M.S. in Computer Science, Jack held positions as VP of Security, and Operations, Sr. Director of Engineering, Systems Director of Engineering, Engineering Manager, and Senior Software Engineer.

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  • Type: Technical
Michael Albers - Portrait

Michael Albers is VP of Product at Oath, leading Partner, Horizontal, and Communication Products. He manages product execution, strategy, and integrations for Oath’s suite of communication products, such as Yahoo & AOL mail partnership product integrations, and coordinates horizontally across the Oath verticals — News, Finance, Sports, Entertainment and Communications.

Michael has more than 20 years of experience working in consumer technology, platform, and internet companies of all sizes. For the last five years, he has led communication products at Oath, including email, messaging, groups, and calendar. Prior to Oath and Yahoo, Michael worked at several startups in Silicon Valley in various spaces from financial card-linked services (CardSpring acquired by Twitter) to email utility and social graphs (Xobni acquired by Yahoo) and online workforce crowdsourcing platform (LiveOps). In addition, he has worked at several other technology companies such as Inktomi, Netscape and Mcafee.

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  • Type: Technical
Dustin Alpert - Portrait

Dustin Alpert has been on multiple panels and at multiple speaking engagements, discussing a variety of topics, such as Tapin2 technology, data and what our system has done to improve the customer experience, entrepreneurship, raising capital, and how to build a startup from scratch.

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  • Type: Panel
Jim Anderson - Portrait

Since joining SmartThings four years ago, Jim has been working closely with developers to enable them to build solutions with the SmartThings platform. From writing documentation, building example applications, and participating in the developer community, he is passionate about the SmartThings developer experience. Prior to his software career, Jim worked in Education. He enjoys being able to combine his passions for engineering and teaching at SmartThings.

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  • Type: Technical
Guy Avital - Portrait

Guy Avital Is the CEO of UCView, Inc. Guy served in the military as an officer of intelligence for 5 years and became increasingly fascinated with all aspects of technology. His passion never wavered and in 1995, he established his first company specializing in networking and software development. In 2006, Guy became intrigued with digital signage and with his characteristic meticulous and perfectionist nature, he created a worldwide digital Signage software company which is unparalleled. Guy maintains an active involvement in all aspects of the company and is recognized and respected within the digital signage community.

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  • Type: Technical
Patrick Beaulieu - Portrait

Patrick helped start the SHIELD business at NVIDIA five years ago and he currently manages relationships with strategic partners in the Smart Home and Entertainment markets for SHIELD. Prior to this, Patrick was involved with enabling the CUDA, PureVideo and 3DVision Stereo technologies for the GeForce platform at NVIDIA.

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  • Type: Panel
Jeff Beck - Portrait

Jeff is focused on the cloud aspects of the open IoT platform that is SmartThings. He has designed and built globally distributed micro-services that support user routing and authentication systems. Jeff worked deeply with Samsung teams in a role where he helped design and lead engineering efforts across multiple sites at once. Jeff has also worked deeply with SpringSecurity OAuth and JWT, creating a globally distributed OAuth auth server.

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  • Type: Technical
Taher Behbehani - Portrait

Taher Behbehani is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile B2B for Samsung Electronics America, a multi-billion dollar business unit. In this role, Taher is focused on supporting the company’s mobile B2B leadership position in the United States, expanding Samsung’s open platform offerings, and helping customers navigate the risk inherent in a constantly evolving enterprise technology landscape.

Taher also has a long track record as an investor, advisor, and entrepreneur. He founded two companies focused on developing advanced wireless technologies and telecom services. He is an investor in several successful disruptive start-ups in finance, augmented reality, wireless, and travel reservation systems.

Taher is based out of Samsung Electronics America’s headquarters in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin and an M.S. in electrical engineering from Yale University.

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  • Type: Technical
Eric Benjamin - Portrait

Eric Benjamin is Senior Vice President, Research and Development for Insulet Corporation. At Insulet, Eric leads technology and product development teams who are committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes through wearable and mobile products that leverage big data solutions and consumer electronics. Prior to joining Insulet, Eric held roles in R&D, manufacturing, and quality with Abbott Laboratories. Eric earned a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering and operations research from the University of California at Berkeley, a Master of Engineering in bioengineering from the University of California at San Diego, and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

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  • Type: Panel
Gaurav Bhushan - Portrait

Gaurav Bhushan is Head of Design at Viv Labs. His team is responsible for the design of the Bixby platform, including the conversation model, design system and writing style guide. Previously, Gaurav has worked with companies like Evernote, Google, Frog and Slideshare while living in seven different cities around the world and delivering award-winning and commercially successful software products for work, play and life.

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  • Type: Technical
Travis Bogard - Portrait

Travis leads the product group at Samsung NEXT. Travis joined Samsung NEXT as the company’s first head of product and built the team from scratch. He is a purpose-driven product person who is passionate about the opportunity for technology to solve real problems, to make life easier, and to enable people to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. Prior to joining Samsung NEXT, Travis held a number of roles in the product development space, including leading the product portfolio for Uber for Business as the company’s global general manager and being the VP of product management and strategy for Jawbone.

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  • Type: Theater
Sarah Bond - Portrait

Sarah leads Microsoft’s gaming business development team. She and her team are responsible for cultivating and managing Microsoft’s gaming partnerships, shaping and executing deals and negotiations, and shaping strategy and M&A. Sarah’s organization is global with presence in Redmond, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and London.

Prior to Microsoft, Sarah held a variety of senior roles at T-Mobile, including leading the Corporate Strategy and Development team responsible for cross-functional strategic initiatives, major investments, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. She was a member of the team that led T-Mobile’s turnaround.

Sarah started her career at McKinsey & Company where she was an Associate Partner in the West Coast office focused on the consumer technology sector. Sarah holds a BA in Economics from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

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  • Type: Spotlight
Josue Bustos - Portrait

Josue is the lead Technical Evangelist and Content Manager at Samsung Electronics America, focusing his efforts on building and strengthening the designer and developer ecosystem for Samsung technologies.

Before moving to the Bay area from Los Angeles, he was the developer champion at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, helping to cultivate and bolster the ARTIK IoT and Cloud platform within the maker community. In LA, Josue produced large-scale unconferences for developers, entrepreneurs, and UX/UI communities. Also, he has traveled overseas painting large-scale public murals and worked as an independent, full-stack, mobile, hybrid, iOS-native developer.

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  • Type: Theater
Atul Butte - Portrait

Atul Butte, MD, PhD, is the Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg Distinguished Professor and Director of the Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Dr. Butte is also the Chief Data Scientist for the entire University of California Health System, with six medical centers and medical schools and 11 hospitals. Dr. Butte has authored 200+ manuscripts, with several featured in the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. Dr. Butte was elected into the National Academy of Medicine and was awarded by the Obama Administration as a Champion of Change for promoting science with open access data. Dr. Butte is a founder of the investor-backed data-driven companies Personalis, Carmenta (acquired by Progenity), and NuMedii. Dr. Butte trained in Computer Science at Brown University, worked as a software engineer at Apple and Microsoft, received his MD at Brown, trained in Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Boston, then earned his PhD from MIT.

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  • Type: Panel
Simon Callan - Portrait

Simon heads up Samsung’s Business Development team for Content & Services based in Mountain View, USA.

Simon and his team lead commercial partnerships with the top 500 USA software/content companies across multiple product lines, including Mobile, Wearables and Digital Appliances.

His team’s focus is to drive revenue and distribution for partners as well as accelerate Samsung’s shift to a world-leading software/services organization, leveraging technologies such as Voice, AI and Digital Distribution.

Simon holds a 1st Class (Hons) degree in Computer Science and has worked for a variety of multi-national companies and smaller startups, including co-founding two startups in the messaging/content space.

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  • Type: Technical
Ada Rose Cannon - Portrait

Ada Rose Cannon is a Developer Advocate for the Samsung Internet Web Browser. She is passionate about pushing the Web Platform forward with a focus on virtual reality and the Immersive Web and new APIs for building Progressive Web Apps.

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  • Type: Technical
Nalin Chakoo - Portrait

Nalin Chakoo joined Samsung Electronics in 2006 and is the Director of Product Management and Strategy at Samsung Research America, Mountain View, California. After the successful creation and commercialization of Samsung Pay that surpassed $10B transactions, Nalin joined Samsung Enterprise Mobile B2B business in 2017. Prior to B2B R&D, Nalin headed program management for Samsung Rewards, which won under Most Disruptive category at the 2017 Innovation Awards and Product of the Year at the 2017 Pay Awards. Currently, Nalin manages a team that focuses entirely on identifying, defining and ‘baking’ best-in-class product to drive innovation and service differentiation for Samsung devices in the enterprise space. As a prior Samsung Global Young Leadership Awardee and an author of 10 patents, Nalin is passionate about the innovation scene and all forms of business models. He was educated at Seoul National University and completed his executive education at University of California, Berkeley.

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  • Type: Technical
Ricardo Chavarriaga - Portrait

Ricardo Chavarriaga is a senior researcher at the Center of Neuroprosthetics of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. He holds a PhD in computational neuroscience and has more than 100 scientific publications on brain-machine interfacing and neurotechnologies. His work focuses on understanding and decoding the neural mechanisms that govern cognitive processes such as error awareness, attention and decision making. His vision targets a future where this information can be used to endow artificial devices with the capability to adapt to their user’s goals, preferences and capabilities so as to establish a truly symbiotic relation between humans and machines.

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  • Type: Theater
Xun Chen - Portrait

Xun Chen, Ph.D., is currently a Senior Staff Software Engineer managing a team of efforts on mobile security and services in Samsung Research America based on Mountain View, California. As a leading contributor, He has been involved in several Knox platform security projects including persistent kernel root-kit prevention using Dm-Verity, Knox Active Protection, Samsung Pay, App Permission Monitor and etc. Xun has held multiple patents granted, and has published several papers in academic conferences and journals. His current focus is on kernel security, user authentication and enriching Android platform with Linux applications.

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  • Type: Technical
Adam Cheyer - Portrait

Adam Cheyer is currently a Vice President of R&D at Samsung. Previously, he was Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Viv Labs, an artificial intelligence company acquired by Samsung in 2016.

Adam was also Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Siri, acquired by Apple in 2010 to build their virtual personal assistant.

Adam is a founding member and first developer at, the world’s largest petition platform with a quarter billion members. Adam also co-founded Sentient Technologies, which applies distributed machine learning algorithms to discover novel solutions to complex problems. Previously, Adam was VP of Engineering at Verticalnet (enterprise software) and Dejima (mobile software).

Adam has authored more than 60 publications and 25 patents. At SRI International, he was Chief Architect of CALO, the largest AI project in US history. Adam graduated with highest honors from Brandeis University and received the “Outstanding Masters Student” award from UCLA’s School of Engineering.

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  • Type: Keynote
Young Ik Cho - Portrait

Young Ik Cho is a Software Engineer with Samsung Health, Data Platform. He works on handling and serving Health Data on mobile and the server platform. He holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and an MS degree from KAIST and Johns Hopkins University.

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  • Type: Technical
Catarina Cho - Portrait

Catarina Cho is responsible for partnership management at the Technology Strategy Team, Mobile Communications Business. Her current areas of focus include technology partnerships for the S Pen and Samsung Wireless Adaptive Fast Charge. Prior to this role, she was a service planner for user context based service, Here and Now, when she first joined Samsung seven years ago.

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  • Type: Technical
Sunghee Cho - Portrait

Sunghee Cho has developed .NET framework-based Tizen .NET TV framework for TV devices.

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  • Type: Technical
Eui-Suk Chung - Portrait

Eui-Suk Chung is the Executive Vice President (EVP) and Head of Software and Artificial Intelligence at Mobile Communications Business at Samsung.

He has pioneered numerous innovative projects at Samsung for more than 15 years. As the VP of R&D at Samsung between 2003 and 2007, he led the development of the first generation Samsung smartphones based on open Operating Systems, such as Windows Mobile and Palm OS, back when the feature phones were still dominating the market.

In 2008, he moved to Silicon Valley to lead the very first Samsung Mobile Lab, now Samsung Research America (SRA). He oversaw the collaboration between Samsung and Google on Android, and also led VR platform development and collaboration with many creative technology companies in the area. He played a crucial role in Samsung’s successful transition into the leading global smartphone company.

In 2016, he became the Executive VP of R&D at SRA and returned to Samsung Korea in 2017 as the head of Software and AI to lead the innovation of the mobile products and Bixby.

Prior to joining Samsung, Chung held leadership roles at Ericsson and worked on several cutting-edge technologies at MIT and the World Wide Web Consortium.

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  • Type: Keynote
John Colarusso - Portrait

John Colarusso is a Research Engineer at Viv Labs. He honed his hacking skills at U.C. Davis and has become a backend Java and JavaScript wizard. He’s also a tech enthusiast and part-time contributor to open source projects and is an up-and-coming Bixby trainer!

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  • Type: Technical
Jean-Baptiste Couly - Portrait

Jean-Baptiste Couly is a Strategic Partnerships Manager at, growing the company’s activity through innovative collaborations with a wide variety of affiliate and distribution partners around the world.

With more than 10 years of international experience in online marketing and business development, he has worked across North America and Europe in various partner marketing roles, including in France, the UK, Spain and the United States.

Solution-focused and customer-centric in his approach at work. In his spare time, Jean-Baptiste loves hiking and trail running, having completed ultramarathon races in the French Alps and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • Type: Panel
Kristina De Nike - Portrait

Kristina De Nike is a product line manager for VMware’s End User Computing division. In addition to her current responsibilities for Horizon Clients, she has works on VMware Workspace ONE integration. She brings her love of consumer products, data-driven decision making and clear UI to the end-user side of VMware.

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  • Type: Technical
Nola Donato - Portrait

Nola is a software architect leading the development of open source VR and AR graphics software for Samsung. As a researcher at Intel, Nola drove efforts in global illumination, cloth simulation and virtual fashion. She has also developed major components for products like Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop and SGI Performer.

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  • Type: Technical
Magnus Ekenheim - Portrait

Magnus Ekenheim is leading SmartThings global “Works with” program, focusing on developers, device makers, and service providers to innovate and deliver successful integrations with SmartThings. Prior to joining SmartThings, Magnus was leading Sony’s Global Developer Program, driving the developer ecosystem around Mobile gaming, wearables, and cameras.

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  • Type: Keynote
Ralf Elias - Portrait

Ralf is a product and business development executive with 20+ years of experience in executing strategies and leading team efforts, which produced multimillion-dollar results, valuable business partnerships, and solid growth avenues for consumer products and services.

Ralf is currently the Vice President at Samsung, responsible for developing new IoT partnerships and digital services while scaling Samsung’s IoT platform and products. Before joining Samsung, Ralf held numerous marketing and management positions at Vodafone, the second largest mobile operator world-wide.

Previously, Ralf was marketing director at the EPCOS AG/TDK, Germany. Ralf holds a degree in engineering as well as a commercial degree/MBA.

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  • Type: Panel
Claus Enevoldsen - Portrait

Claus Enevoldsen leads global growth at Flipboard, an award-winning curation platform where people go for quality content about the topics that matter most to them. Previously, he led growth at Texture, an unlimited magazines app that was recently acquired by Apple.

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  • Type: Technical
Markus Falk - Portrait

Markus has a M.Sc. in Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a background working with growth and business development at eBay and Spotify in Stockholm and New York. He currently heads up business development and US operations for Swedish digital health company Lifesum, striving to make their more than 30 million members healthier and happier. Markus works with partnerships in health, technology, and food from Lifesum’s office in Los Angeles.

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  • Type: Panel
Bob Florian - Portrait

Bob has found that over 30 years in software development hasn’t dampened his love of writing code. He’s been at SmartThings for five years, working on device integration and automation. His recent focus is on improving the SmartThings developer experience to maintain the platform’s position as world’s best solution for connecting and enabling the interoperability of IoT devices. Prior to joining SmartThings, Bob worked in a variety of technology sectors including the defense/aerospace industry, embedded systems, and software development tools.

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  • Type: Technical
Tom Flynn - Portrait

Tom Flynn is a director of software at Samsung Research America (SRA). In this role, he is responsible for multiple Virtual Reality (VR) projects including the Gear VR Framework (GearVRf). Prior to joining Samsung, Tom was involved in many 3D graphics projects at companies like Panasonic, Sony PlayStation (RSX debugger), Silicon Graphics (Performer, Inventor, OpenGL), and the Boeing Company at Kennedy Space Center.

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  • Type: Lecture
Tad Funahashi - Portrait

Tad Funahashi, MD, joined Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region in 1992 and maintains a busy clinical practice in orthopedic surgery. He is the Chief Innovation Officer and Assistant Regional Medical Director for Kaiser Permanente Southern California. Dr. Funahashi also founded and chairs the National Implant Registry Committee and is a Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at University of California Irvine College of Medicine. He has given more than 100 presentations and has authored numerous papers in publications. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and an active member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and American Orthopedic Association. He served as Regional Chief of Orthopedic Surgery from 2004-2012 and was Assistant Area Medical Director in Orange County from 1998-2012. He earned his medical degree and completed his orthopedic residency at UCLA School of Medicine.

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  • Type: Panel
Neha Goel - Portrait

Neha helps lead Business Development at Braintree Payments, focusing on wallet partnerships. She’s passionate about making it ever easier for business and consumers to transact in fast, trusted, and dynamic ways, including by unlocking the power of Samsung Pay for Braintree’s large and diverse merchant base. Prior to Braintree, Neha held roles in payments at Deloitte Consulting and Airbnb, as well as in business operations at Nerdwallet. She has an MA / MBA from the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute, at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a BA from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School.

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  • Type: Panel
Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga - Portrait

Diego González-Zúñiga (aka diekus) is a Costa Rican national working for Samsung in the United Kingdom as a Developer Advocate. He’s been playing around with the idea of spatial UIs for some years now, starting with his PhD studies in Spain, all the way to his focus on VR nowadays — especially VR on the Web (WebXR). His main endeavor is bridging tech and other fields like fashion, arts, tourism and archaeology to bring VR to people who never saw themselves as technologists/VR creators. He enjoys gadgets, video games, kittens, goats, iguanas and traveling in his free (or work) time. You can keep up to date with his work at

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  • Type: Technical
Kavitha Gopalan - Portrait

Kavitha Gopalan is a Sr. Software Engineer at Samsung. She has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and more than 10 years of experience in mobile app development. At Samsung, for the past three years, she has been focusing on the Tizen Wearable SDK and Samsung Android SDKs. She has been working closely with Strategic Partners in developing apps for Tizen Wearable devices like Gear S2 and Gear S3. She has presented many webinars and enjoys working with partners and evangelizing Samsung SDKs.

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  • Type: Technical
Michael Grace - Portrait

Michael Grace leads Samsung Mobile’s KNOX Security team, which is responsible for the security of the division’s enterprise-oriented products and services. Having watched the Android ecosystem grow and mature, he is intimately acquainted with the challenges faced by enterprises in deploying secure mobility solutions. Given such challenges, Michael and his team have defined the security architecture for several major security-sensitive Samsung products, such as Samsung Knox, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Pass. Prior to joining Samsung, he has identified and helped address a variety of systemic mobile security issues by working with Google, OEMs, and regulatory agencies. He earned his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University.

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  • Type: Technical
Yuval Greenfield - Portrait

Yuval has been an engineer for the past 13 years in the fields of military cybersecurity, computer vision based medical diagnostics, computer gaming, 360 cameras, and deep-learning tools. He holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as part of the IDF Talpiot program.

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  • Type: Technical
John Hanke - Portrait

John Hanke is the founder and CEO of Niantic, Inc. Niantic builds mobile experiences that
foster fun, exploration, discovery and social interaction in the real world, including Pokémon GO
and Ingress. Niantic was originally incubated inside of Google and spun out as a fully
independent company in October 2015 with investment from Nintendo, The Pokémon
Company, Google, Alsop Louie Ventures, and You and Mr Jones.

John began his business career in 1994 when he left the foreign service and moved to
California to attend the MBA program at UC Berkeley with the goal of reconnecting with his
childhood passion for technology.

While at Berkeley, John joined with a classmate in founding a company to create a new kind of
online computer game. The startup (Archetype Interactive) created one of the first ‘massively
multiplayer’ Internet games. It was acquired by 3DO in 1996. After two years at 3DO, John
left to co-found a startup to create more Internet games. That company, Big Network, was
acquired in 2000.

The next step happened when John met a group of former software executives from Silicon
Graphics and Disney. Together they founded ‘Keyhole’ and created a new kind of map — a
digital earth. As CEO, John led the team who launched the first ever online 3D globe based on
satellite imagery and mapping data. The company agreed to be acquired by Google in 2004.
The team relaunched Keyhole as “Google Earth” (an application that has been downloaded by
more than a billion users). John eventually became the VP of the ‘Geo’ group at Google, which
launched a number of innovative projects, including scaling up Maps and Earth to cover the
entire world, launching a fleet of Street View cars, creating an innovative aerial photography
platform, creating Google’s own global basemap, and many more.

John received his MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in 1996 and has a BA
in Plan II from the University of Texas at Austin.

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  • Type: Spotlight
Siamak Hodjat - Portrait

Siamak Hodjat is a Research Engineer at Viv Labs where he leads the Bixby capsule development team. When not playing or watching soccer, Siamak has been pushing the boundaries of intelligent assistants for decades. He has patents in the field of natural language user interfaces and was one of the first employees on the original Siri team at Viv Labs.

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  • Type: Technical
Richard Huddy - Portrait

Richard leads the Gaming Ecosystem Team based in Samsung’s R&D center in the UK. That’s the team that supports developers in Europe (and occasionally worldwide) to make games look their best on Samsung’s high end phones. Richard has over 20 years of experience in graphics and gaming and loves pixels more than almost anything else.

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  • Type: Technical
Jongoh Hur - Portrait

Jongoh Hur is a Principal Engineer and in charge of developing Knox for Smart TV/Signage at Samsung Electronics. He is a recognized information security professional and is an honoree of the Asia-Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievements (ISLA) Program. Jongoh was previously the Project Leader for Samsung’s Smart TV Security Solution and a Senior Researcher at AhnLab. He received an MBA from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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  • Type: Technical
Leah Huyghe - Portrait

Leah is the Lead UX Designer of Samsung Wearables Service Platform.

Since joining Samsung Research Canada in 2015, she has led the design of a variety of B2B and Knox products.
Leah has worked globally, in-house and remotely on projects for leading brands, startups and non-profits. She specializes in building end-to-end solutions, building out ideas from the back of a napkin to pixel-perfect platforms.

Leah obtained her BBA from Capilano University and is passionate about providing intuitive and delightful user experiences to every project she contribute to.

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  • Type: Technical
Marco Iacono - Portrait

Marco is Vice President, Product Management for Mobile R&D at Samsung Electronics and Chief Operating Officer of Viv Labs, where he and his teams lead the design and development of the Bixby Developer Platform. Prior to his role at Viv, Marco was part of the core team at Apple that launched Siri in 2011. Before arriving in Silicon Valley, Marco spent nearly a decade in the management consulting business focused on big data and analytics.

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  • Type: Panel
Nobutaka (Nobu) Ide - Portrait

Nobutaka (Nobu) Ide started his career at Sharp Corporation in 1995. Over the course of 18 years at the company, Nobu played key roles in new business incubation, office equipment marketing and mobile phone businesses.

He joined Wacom in 2013 as General Manager in charge of technology marketing for the Component Business Unit, where he led efforts to reinforce Wacom’s leadership position in digital pen solutions integrated with mobile products by various IT brands, such as tablets and smartphones.

As Executive Director and EVP in charge of Technology Solution Business Unit and Platforms & Applications Business Unit, Nobu Ide has been actively evangelizing the “Power of Digital Pen and Ink” and driving collaborations with key industry partners across the globe.

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  • Type: Spotlight
Anurag Jain - Portrait

Anurag Jain works as a director in visual intelligence at Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore, India. He is currently leading the architecture, design and development of Bixby Vision service framework. He has an MSc (Engg) from Indian Institute of Sciences and 20 years of experience working in the field of computer vision, multimedia, imaging and heterogeneous computing. Prior to joining Samsung, he worked for Texas Instruments as Senior Architect in the field of advanced driver assistance systems and video compression.

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  • Type: Technical
Sally Jeong - Portrait

Sally Jeong is a Vice President of Android Framework R&D at Samsung Electronics. She leads the development team for S-Pen, MultiTasking, Edge SDK and many Samsung services as well as Android platforms. In addition, she is an inspiring leader with a highly engaging, collaborative, and adventurous attitude. Over the past 20 years, she has led the development of software based on various mobile platforms and contributed to the platforms.

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  • Type: Spotlight
Seong-Ick Jon - Portrait

Seong-Ick Jon is a Principal Designer and Leader of Bixby Mobile UX at Samsung. He has directed the user experience and design strategy for large-scale global projects at Samsung spanning across a wide range of service areas, including voice interaction, IoT, fintech, and convergence. In his 15 years at Samsung, Seong-Ick has also contributed to devices such as DTV, Audio, and home appliances.

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  • Type: Technical
Spike Jonze - Portrait

spike jonze

likes ben and jerry’s

made skate videos

made shoes and music videos

no coffee, just naps

made some movies and a tv channel and documentaries on Al Gore and Jim Carrey

has been hit by three cars. once on purpose.

friends with the gonz

wants to be helpful

can’t touch toes

loves david o russell

falls asleep on the subway (misses stop of course)

is a good listener

needs to wash his hair.

and lies once a day.

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  • Type: Spotlight
Jaeyeon Jung - Portrait

Jaeyeon Jung is the head of Service Security Technologies at Samsung Electronics, overseeing IoT cloud, identity service and other security-critical services. Jung and her team build secure and scalable cloud and IoT services that connect millions of Samsung devices and process billions of events daily.

Jung began her career as a software architect at an IT and networking solutions company, Mazu Networks. In 2007, she joined Intel Labs Seattle as a research scientist, where she led the TaintDroid project, one of the first systems to identify mobile application privacy and security issues. Before joining Samsung in 2016, Jung was at Microsoft for five years, where she designed and engineered security foundations for IoT devices as a principal security architect.

Jung graduated with a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2006. She is an active leader in the security community and has published over 40 research papers on topics such as systems, security, and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Jung also helps organize security and systems conferences and workshops, and recently chaired the programming committee of the 2015 USENIX Security Symposium.

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  • Type: Keynote
James Jung - Portrait

James Jung is a Principal Engineer with the Visual Display group at Samsung Research America. He has led various TV software products such as TV Plus, SmartView and currently Voice Assistant on Smart TV. He is passionate about working on consumer-facing products and developing them from the perspective of the user.

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  • Type: Lecture
Martin Kathriner - Portrait

Martin is Head of Corporate Affairs at Samsung Electronics in Switzerland.

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  • Type: Theater
Lawrence Kennedy - Portrait

Lawrence Kennedy, Product Lead at Spotify, has been working with digital music, mobile, and consumer electronics for more than 10 years. Obsessed with creating game-changing music experiences, Lawrence joined Spotify in 2014. He has previously held product and engineering positions at Pandora and Mercedes-Benz.

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  • Type: Panel
John Kilpatrick - Portrait

John is the VP of Design and Innovation for C&S division within SEA. His areas of focus include: Bixby Home smart mobile assistant, Samsung VR, and several new emerging platforms.

Before Samsung, John was the CEO of a mobile startup ( that was funded and acquired by Samsung Accelerator in NYC and voted one of the best family apps by Google Play in 2013.

Prior to that, he was the SVP and Executive Creative Director at The Daily, a first-of-its-kind news publication built exclusively for the iPad. It was developed hand-in-hand between Apple and News Corp., resulting in a publication that had the aesthetics and readability of a digital magazine and the interactive experience of a tablet app.

He has spent his career spearheading digital products and teams for both start-ups and large-scale media organizations. Kilpatrick is an “active media” board member for the Cooper Hewitt Museum in NYC and is a mentor for RGA/Techstars Accelerator program.

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  • Type: Panel
Minkyong Kim - Portrait

Minkyong Kim leads an R&D Team at Samsung Electronics. Her areas include Cloud Computing, IoT and Artificial Intelligence with a special focus on Bixby Voice and Computer Vision. She leads the design and development of software solutions and services for smart appliances, including Family Hub refrigerators and voice-enabled air conditioners. Prior to joining Samsung, Dr. Kim worked as a research scientist at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, NY. Numerous research projects that Dr. Kim led became IBM products, including Bluemix PaaS Cloud and IBM System S Stream Computing System. Dr. Kim received her B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from Seoul National University and her Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Michigan. She worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Dartmouth College prior to joining IBM Research.

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  • Type: Technical
Munseok Kim - Portrait

Munseok Kim is a Staff Engineer focusing on the new TVPlus SDK at Samsung, Korea. Prior to joining Samsung, he participated in an Internship Project specifically for developers at Motorola Global Software Group in Chicago, IL in 2004.

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  • Type: Technical
Jungwoo Kim - Portrait

After studying GPU hardware architecture and memory sub-system design in university, he joined Samsung Electronics and has worked for 16 years as both a hardware and software engineer. With experience in designing advanced video and image codec hardwares for many SoC projects, he moved to the mobile division and hsa been involved in all strategic Galaxy products since 2012. Currently, he’s leading multiple tech areas like GPU driver, graphics performance, UI rendering, Game Developer support and Khronos standardization.

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  • Type: Technical
Heeyul Kim - Portrait

Heeyul Kim is a multidisciplinary designer who started his career as an industrial designer for Samsung Electronics for 12 years. He now leads the next AR Emoji design as UX designer for the next Galaxy S series. He is applying the disciplines and design methodologies he learned in his industrial design career to the UX field, especially AR Emoji as digital product design. He is an award-winning designer, including winning the iF IT Product Design award. And he now works in the VR UX Design part of the Samsung Electronics Mobile Division. His team is studying the user experience of VR, AR, and MR and envision AR Emoji will be one of the key features.

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  • Type: Technical
Joohwan Kim - Portrait

Joohwan Kim is a platform architect at Samsung Electronics, and has participated in various IoT projects for SmartThings. Joohwan’s recent interests are in the development of AI systems that enrich IoT user experience. He received an M.S. degree and a Ph.D. degree from Purdue University. Before he joined Samsung Electronics, he was involved in various research projects regarding the design of communication network systems.

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  • Type: Technical
Taeyeop Kim - Portrait

Taeyeop is the engineer of analytics platform lab at Samsung SDS technology research, specializing in big data analytics solution.

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  • Type: Technical
Dag Kittlaus - Portrait

Dag Kittlaus is the Co-Founder and CEO of Viv Labs, an intelligent assistant startup acquired by Samsung in 2016. Prior to starting Viv Labs, Dag was the Founder and CEO of Siri. After being acquired by Apple in 2010, Dag led Siri and speech recognition for two years. Prior to his time at Siri and Apple, Dag was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Stanford Research Institute as well as a General Manager of the advanced Smartphone group at Motorola. He has been a technology visionary in the mobile and artificial intelligence space throughout his career and his innovations are currently in use by hundreds of millions of users.

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  • Type: Keynote
Thomas Ko - Portrait

Thomas Ko is a global head of Content Services, including Galaxy Store, Games and Media, providing Samsung’s unique ecosystem to developers, partners and consumers. After the successful creation and commercialization of Samsung Pay to 16 countries in two years surpassing $10B processed transactions, Thomas has proven that Samsung Services could lead the future growth of Samsung Mobile. Before Samsung, Thomas had his own fintech venture, NAMU Systems, that won ‘Best of Show’ by Finovate in 2015. He had 10 very successful years of a banking career at Citi, leading corporate mobile banking solution processing over $1TN in 120+ countries and he has won the “Best Enterprise Mobile Solution of the World” award by GSMA. He was educated at the University of Virginia and Stanford. He is a Korean-American and fluent in Korean, English and Spanish.

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  • Type: Spotlight
DJ Koh - Portrait

DJ Koh is the President and CEO of Samsung Electronics, leading IT & Mobile Communications. His leadership responsibilities cover all Mobile Communications and Networks business operations globally, including product, hardware, software and services strategy and development, engineering as well as sales and marketing in all markets and countries. Mr. Koh also serves as an executive director on the Samsung Electronics Board and oversees the company’s Global Marketing Center. Mr. Koh began working for Samsung Electronics in 1983 and has served in a variety of executive positions within Samsung, playing a critical role in the launch of a diverse range of mobile devices and services.

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  • Type: Keynote
Zacharias Konstantinides - Portrait

Zach leads Partnerships and Business Development at Boxed Wholesale, focusing on third party initiatives and sales. He has worked on building and growing the Samsung Pay partnership for Boxed. Prior to Boxed, Zach held roles in Brand Management and Operations at Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal, both in the US and Europe. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MA from Manchester Business School.

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  • Type: Panel
Ho Bum Kwon - Portrait

Ho Bum (Vincent) Kwon is currently responsible for the Tizen .NET framework (APIs and runtime) for Tizen Platform. He received an M.S. degree in Computer Science from New York University Tandon School of Engineering. In February 2003, he joined Samsung Software Center and has been serving as a software architect to develop Tizen application models and APIs (Web, Native, .NET) since 2010. He is also a main contributor to Tizen Compatibility Tests and Tizen Compliance Specifications, which are bases for Tizen certification. Currently, he is leading the Tizen .NET team to introduce Tizen .NET to various devices (watches, TVs, etc.).

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  • Type: Technical
Bang-hyun Kwon - Portrait

Bang-hyun Kwon is a software engineer at Samsung Electronics and is in charge of Air command, which is an essential feature of the Galaxy Note series. Bang-hyun provides users with Galaxy’s unique experience through various functions he developed such as Smart select, Scroll capture, Translate and Live message. In Galaxy Note9, he participated in the S Pen remote design and considered how to apply it to the app easily and simply. He hopes to provide users with a variety of ways to use S Pen remote.

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  • Type: Technical
Stephanie Lamb - Portrait

Linguistics has always been a natural focus for Stephanie, who studied both English Language and East Asian Languages at UMass Boston. Stephanie is passionate about documenting endangered languages for future revitalization and has participated in indigenous language field workshops in Alaska and in Okinawa. She is a member of the Linguistic Society of America and a treasured NL expert on the Bixby team.

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  • Type: Technical
Jake Leach - Portrait

Jake Leach is Chief Technology Officer at Dexcom.

He is responsible for leading scientific research, engineering, product development, and project management. Jake oversees the development of next generation products and leads a large organization of amazing people. His teams are responsible for delivering best in class glucose monitoring technology paired with an exceptional user experience.

Jake joined Dexcom in March 2004 to lead development of sensor electronics, which were part of the first generation Dexcom system. Jake has served in various roles within Dexcom including Senior Vice President of R&D, Senior Director of R&D, and Manager of Engineering.

From 1996 to 2004, Jake held positions in research and development at MiniMed and subsequently Medtronic Diabetes, focusing on the development of glucose sensing systems.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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  • Type: Panel
Hyo Keun Lee - Portrait

Hyo Keun Lee is a software engineer at Graphic R&D Group for Samsung Electronics. He majored in non-photorealistic rendering at graduate school. He is currently in charge of hardware accelerated Android graphics as well as developing a graphics performance tool. He presented a Vulkan tutorial session in Khronos DevU conference in 2016.

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  • Type: Technical
Sangmin Lee - Portrait

Sangmin Lee is a developer of GameDev team in the Samsung Electronics/Mobile R&D which supports game developers for best performance on mobile devices. He is interested in real-time rendering and focuses on optimizing memory usage and graphics API through cooperation with game engine developer or game companies.

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  • Type: Technical
Heekwan Lee - Portrait

Heekwan Lee is the Head of Security Engineering and the product owner of Fundamental Device Security in MCD.
He is Developing TEEs, including Samsung Secure OS (TEEGRIS), Crypto Library, and Protocols. Heekwan is a member of the Global Platform and IEEE, and judged the first Global Platform Hackathon. Heekwan is a Marquis member of the Who’s Who in the World 2018. He has consulted on various projects, including Samsung Pay, KNOX, DTV Security, Smart Things Security, Samsung Messenger (Chat-on), Smart Home Project, and Trust-call. Heekwan is a Ph.D. of Electrical Engineering (Information Theory) and Mathematics.

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  • Type: Technical
Yoon C. Lee - Portrait

Yoon C. Lee is Senior Vice President, Head of Content and Services, and Head of the Product Innovation Team (PIT) at Samsung Electronics America. As head of PIT, Yoon is responsible for overseeing the creation of consumer insight-based innovative concepts for Samsung Electronics’ products across all product categories. Yoon also oversees the content and services teams that create SW products for Samsung devices.

Yoon has 20+ years of product design and development experience in many new product development verticals, including product strategy, design research, ideation, user experience and concept development to hands-on engineering, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Yoon has over 15 publications in professional journals and has spoken at several global design and innovation conferences as an invited guest speaker. Yoon earned his PhD in mechanical engineering and product design from the University of California at Berkeley.

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  • Type: Spotlight
Charles Lim - Portrait

Charles has been a Project Manager at Samsung since 2016. He is currently in charge of the TVkey project as a Strategy SPM. He has also been a Lab Manager in the UK and Overseas R&D Projects Manager. Charles has worked in Broadcasting M/W development and started his career as Europe DTV S/W Development Manager.

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  • Type: Technical
Sergey Litvinenko - Portrait

Sergey joined Samsung R&D in Ukraine in 2010. During his nine-year-long journey at Samsung, he worked on and led various projects in computer graphics and computer vision areas. He contributed to Gear VR eco-system and services, while working on Samsung PhoneCast VR and Samsung VR services, and is now working on core technologies for AR, eco-system and tools development.

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  • Type: Technical
Nite Luo - Portrait

Nite Luo is a Senior Software Engineer working at Samsung Research. He is a veteran with seven years of game industry experience. He has developed games on PC, web and mobile platforms and was a main contributor to the cocos2d-x game engine. He is currently focusing on supporting game developers and improving gaming experience as part of the Galaxy GameDev Program.

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  • Type: Technical
Niklas Lyback - Portrait

Niklas Lyback heads the Developer Success team and manages complementary developer services within the Samsung Developer Program, which are intended to make developers successful. For example, promotion requests and Galaxy Badges services help developers to be featured in the store with banners and outside the store, developers can provide a simple one-click solution for their loyal customers to be sent to the Galaxy Apps or Theme store, as well as can save money and improve their productivity by remote testing their Android APKs with the Cloud Device Farm.

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  • Type: Technical
Noelia Marcos - Portrait

Noelia Marcos is currently a product owner of all the Voice Experiences at Ticketmaster, working on partner integrations including Google Assistant and Home, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Samsung Bixby, and Cortana. Her product management experience has focused on emerging technologies and partner integrations; launching products on web, mobile web, and apps; and marketing technologies, working with partners such as Salesforce, Button, and Impact Radius, among others. She has also led multi-country projects across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. She is a UCLA MBA graduate, with a master’s in telecom business, and a bachelor’s in economics.

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  • Type: Panel
Evangeline Marzec - Portrait

Evangeline is the new Head of AR Product Management at Samsung NEXT, responsible for leading our AR cloud services efforts. She brings an entrepreneur’s passion for empathetically meeting customer needs through sophisticated technology, simple ideas, and elegant hacks.

She was previously head of strategy for Mixed Reality software at Microsoft, ran Simplygon (a 3D data optimization service) after Microsoft acquired it, created the wearables/HMDs capability at Deloitte while selling multi-million dollar mobile software projects, and founded and ran an early mobile games studio.

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  • Type: Technical
Bryan Mason - Portrait

Bryan leads VSCO’s business team, which is responsible for revenue, business and corporate development.

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  • Type: Panel
Marc Mathieu - Portrait

Marc Mathieu, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics America (SEA), is a storied marketing veteran known for digital innovation and humanizing large global brands.

Recognized as #10 on Forbes’ 2018 “50 Most Influential CMOs in the World” list, Marc leads U.S.–based marketing across all lines of the company’s business including home entertainment, home appliances, and telecommunications.

Under his leadership, the SEA marketing team created Samsung 837, the brand’s experiential flagship and marketing innovation lab. As part of Samsung’s recent global “Do What You Can’t” mobile marketing campaign, Marc conceived the brand’s Creators platform, collaborating with digital storytellers to showcase how Samsung technology empowers users to create, experience and share content.

Prior to joining Samsung, Marc was the SVP of global marketing at Unilever, and the SVP of global brand marketing at Coca-Cola, where he is credited with the “Open Happiness” strategy and the “Coke Side of Life” global campaign.

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  • Type: Spotlight
Sarah Matze - Portrait

Sarah is a Product Manager at SmartThings. She is currently focused on successful device management and automations framework in the SmartThings platform. Her prior experience includes working as a Solution Engineer for Loyalty Reward programs focused on the Travel Vertical and various roles in the Retail Vertical at Oracle.

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  • Type: Technical
Seungjai Min - Portrait

Seungjai is the head of data analytics center and blockchain research team lead at Samsung SDS technology research, specializing in machine learning platform, AI, and blockchain technology.

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  • Type: Technical
Brandon Minnick - Portrait

Brandon Minnick is on the Developer Advocate team at Microsoft, and loves C#, .NET, and Mobile App development! He worked at Xamarin (before the Microsoft acquisition) and continues on at Microsoft to share his passion for mobile. He is an avid developer, having developed countless apps, and he loves working closely with the developer community to help fellow mobile app and cloud developers make 5-star apps!

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  • Type: Technical
Sarah Moliner-Roy - Portrait

Sarah Moliner-Roy is a Software Engineer at Viv Labs. She drives product development and works closely with Product and Design teams to ideate user stories and mold them into highly assistive flows suited to speech, text, and visual I/O modalities. She has taught Bixby many tricks, from buying concert tickets to making restaurant recommendations.

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  • Type: Technical
Felicite Moorman - Portrait

Felicite Moorman is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and attorney with more than twenty-five years of experience founding and building companies. She’s an EY Entrepreneur of the Year® Award recipient, and has earned an international reputation as a go-to IoT industry expert, developing pioneering strategic partnerships and unprecedented technology strategies and initiatives in IoT.

Felicite is the Co-Founder and CEO of STRATIS and CEO of BuLogics. Prior to BuLogics and STRATIS, she launched the Emerging Technologies Division for GE’s Consumer and Home Electronics brand. Felicite quickly established her reputation in technology, engaging eight Fortune 500 companies in less than eighteen months, entering new vertical channels, and creating and beginning execution on the strategic plan to dominate the Internet of Things lighting peripherals market. Today, the GE lighting line is a part of nearly every home automation and security platform offered in the United States.

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  • Type: Panel
Jayashree Nagarajan - Portrait

Jayashree is passionate about marrying technology with visually appealing user experiences and seeing abstract Computer Science concepts breathe life into visually captivating experiences. Her gaming background and desire to tap into the unsolved challenges of new-age technology led her to AR six years ago as an AR and Unity SDK developer at Vuforia and DAQRI. She’s now part of NEXT’s AR Cloud Team — building a platform to enable developers to create the next generation of ubiquitous AR experiences.

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  • Type: Technical
Senthil Nathan - Portrait

Senthil Nathan is passionate about connected experience and involved in several projects in Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore, India, to enable convergence across Samsung devices. He has delivered various connectivity middleware and SDKs like UPnP, DLNA, AllShare and IoTivity for the last 18 years at Samsung and commercialized them in numerous Samsung Electronics products. He is currently leading research activities to create value from big data generated from millions of IoT devices.

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  • Type: Technical
Paulina Ng - Portrait

Paulina Ng is a Software Engineer at Viv Labs where she has taught Bixby various skills including how to order flowers. She’s a talented developer who tinkers with virtual and physical bots, is passionate about building bioinspired robots, and mentors high school students in STEM in her spare time. Paulina believes in open source and has contributed to Discord and projects.

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  • Type: Technical
Bethany North - Portrait

As a product leader for The Weather Company, an IBM Business, Bethany North manages strategy, product management, market analysis and more to provide consumers with the best experience from The Weather Channel digital consumer products. She has been a part of The Weather Company for 12 years, working across multiple platforms. With a passion for AI and cognitive solutions, Bethany works with the IBM Watson AI platform to integrate machine learning technology into weather features on web and apps.

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  • Type: Panel
David Gene Oh - Portrait

David is the Lead for Bixby Developer Relationships. He studied design at the California College of the Arts. He worked at Ubisoft, as the design brand controller of the Tom Clancy series of games. He’s also had senior roles in marketing, production and business partnerships. Passionate about virtual reality, he led developer relations and sales for Leap Motion. In his free time, David loves discussing XR (AR/VR).

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  • Type: Theater
Bjorn Ovick - Portrait

Prior to joining Samsung, Bjorn drew upon his retail innovation expertise to start a retail staffing solution company called Staffly, Inc. in early 2015, helping international retailers manage the ebbs and flows of their store teams. Bjorn was Head of Innovation for Visa’s Global Acquirer Processing division, driving innovation, product strategy, and programs. Prior to joining Visa in April 2011, Bjorn headed up business development for American Express’s recently acquired digital wallet platform, Serve. In this role, he crafted the business development strategy and built the team leading to a successful launch of the new business. Bjorn also spent time at PayPal launching their first Point of Sale solution and led business development efforts for Bling Nation, an NFC payment platform for Financial Institutions. His roots in payments began at Wells Fargo, leading payment strategies, sales and products in the bank’s Internet Service Group and Merchant Services organizations for nine years.

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  • Type: Panel
Vijayachandra Pabbineedi - Portrait

Vijayachandra Pabbineedi is a Staff Engineer at Samsung, Korea. His journey at Samsung started with B2B IoT services, and he has been part of developing security, compliance data governance, AI and data management related micro services in the IoT Cloud platform.

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  • Type: Technical
Ilwoo Park - Portrait

Ilwoo Park is a Software Architect for Bixby for TV at Samsung Electronics. He has been working in the Tizen TV SDK and Voice assistant framework. His major focus is making a new TV experience with a voice-enabled interface.

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  • Type: Technical
Jong Cheol Park - Portrait

Jong Cheol Park is a server developer at Samsung Electronics. He participated in the development of various Samsung O&O (Owned & Operated) services for Smart TV, such as Universal Guide, Music, Sports, Voice, Search and TVPlus. His main role is to manage the metadata of content and enhance the service quality by improving the data quality of each service.

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  • Type: Technical
Jisun Park - Portrait

Jisun Park is currently the Head of the System R&D Group at Samsung Mobile and has been one of the leading members developing S/W platform and Android devices. He has also led the collaborative effort of various pioneering mobile products with strategic partners. Prior to joining Samsung in 2011, he worked as a senior member of software development in Microsoft at Redmond. Jisun earned his Ph.D. in computer engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006.

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  • Type: Technical
Brian Pitstick - Portrait

Brian leads Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for Under Armour Digital, which includes their fitness apps (MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, and UA Record) and the world’s largest digital fitness community with over 250M registered members.

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  • Type: Lecture
Jack Porter - Portrait

Jack Porter has been an Unreal Engine developer for 20 years, beginning as part of the team that shipped the original Unreal Tournament in 1999. Since then, he has been involved in developing features in many different areas of Unreal Engine versions 1–4. He has helped ship titles with Epic Games in the Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Gears of War and Infinity Blade series, as well as console titles with a Korean Unreal Engine licensee. He returned to Epic Games in 2009 to help open the Epic Games Korea office and has since continued to develop Unreal Engine and support Unreal Engine licensees. More recently, he has led the Unreal Engine mobile team responsible for supporting UE4 on Android and iOS platforms. Jack has worked in collaboration with Samsung to bring high-end Unreal Engine graphics to mobile devices using technologies such as Vulkan as showcased in the ProtoStar demo, and this year he and his team helped bring the full Fortnite Battle Royale game experience to mobile devices.

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  • Type: Technical
Slawek Potasz - Portrait

Sławek Potasz – a once aspiring producer of short wedding productions who wasn’t accepted for a film school, drove him to the pursuit of the perfect shot!

Leading into the adventure of creating ‘something new from nothing’ with a group of caffeine-addicted engineers. An entrepreneur dealing with creation of tools for filmmakers, as well as ‘moving sensor’ technology, which is used in the sectors of Automotive, Smart-City, Prop-Tech and Out-of-Home Media. As well as CEO of InMotion Labs – one of the fastest growing polish startups in the IoT sector (the first European investment of the Asian Aurum Vulgi fund), implementing its technologies in Finland and Singapore. On the one hand, he is a spiritualist believer in the methodology of work-ethic and a 120-hour working week. And on the other hand, a realist, who does not believe in unicorns as a real animal that can live in Poland (privately a fan of the European bison). He is young, handsome, motivated and two weeks happily married!

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  • Type: Technical
Kevin Quan - Portrait

Kevin provides product, design and technical leadership on several projects within Content & Services, North America. On Bixby Home, he manages the product and design team in North America, whose goal is to grow and customize the service for local partners and users.

Prior to Samsung, Kevin has had a wide range of technical experiences from being a lead Android engineer at startups (location tracking, email encryption), creating development tools for application middleware (IBM), and tinkering in his own time at hackathons and on personal projects.

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  • Type: Technical
Vinay Rao - Portrait

Vinay discovered his passion for IoT while researching interference patterns for connected IoT devices in the 2.4 GHz band with his professor at North Carolina State University. Before joining SmartThings, he spent his weekends building a touchless voice interface, before Amazon Alexa was available, by integrating Moto X and three other services to turn on lights on the SmartThings platform. After joining SmartThings in early 2015, he has worked on integrating Zigbee, LAN and Cloud-connected devices. He recently completed a “Super LAN Connect” project, which completely rearchitected the LAN device integration on the SmartThings platform. He is currently working on performance improvement for Cloud connect devices.

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  • Type: Technical
Alex Ren - Portrait

Alex Ren is a Software engineer at Viv Labs where he has taught Bixby various functions including how to help users call an Uber. Alex has had a lifelong love for language and studied both Linguistics and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

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  • Type: Technical
Youngho Rhee - Portrait

Youngho Rhee is the Product Owner of Samsung Galaxy Friends at Samsung Electronics. He joined Samsung in 2003 as senior UX designer and works for the PM group.

His responsibility is making the customer experience with mobile devices easy, delightful, and meaningful. Recently, he proposed an accessory-based content delivery platform named “Samsung Galaxy Friends” and is working to develop the accessory ecosystem.

He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial System Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After spending 10 years at Samsung, he is a veteran of creative UX design and is a team leader with engineering acumen.

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  • Type: Technical
David Rhew - Portrait

Dr. David Rhew is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Head of Healthcare and Fitness for Samsung Electronics of America. David received his Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science and cellular molecular biology from the University of Michigan. He received his MD degree from Northwestern University and completed internal medicine residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He completed fellowships in health services research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and infectious diseases at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Rhew has served as Senior Vice-President and CMO at Zynx Health Inc.; clinician/researcher in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System; and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA.
Dr. Rhew’s interests include measurably improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care and applying technology to engage patients and consumers in their health.

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  • Type: Panel
Chad Richard - Portrait

Chad Richard joined Yelp in 2015 and is focused on business development and acquisitions. He brings more than 20 years of experience creating and marketing emerging technologies to mass consumer audiences. Prior to Yelp, Chad spent six years at Apple as Senior Director of Worldwide Product Marketing focused on Apple’s operating systems and internet services. Prior to Apple, he cofounded and was CEO of Simple Star, a photo and video software and services company that was acquired by Roxio. Chad was hired by Macromedia as Executive Producer and helped to spin out online entertainment portal, which was acquired by MTV Networks. Earlier in his career, he was cofounder and CEO of and Chad studied economics and Japanese at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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  • Type: Panel
Jonathan Rivera - Portrait

Jonathan Rivera is Co-Founder and Vice President of iQuue. Jonathan heads up iQuue’s business and client partnerships. Jonathan’s focus is to drive revenue through existing and new services. Additionally, Jonathan oversees iQuue’s product development. Prior to co-founding iQuue, Jonathan worked in the I.T. department of a real estate group for six years. Jonathan also served in the United States Marine Corps, completing two tours of duty to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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  • Type: Panel
Gaby Rojas - Portrait

Gaby has 11 years of experience in the mobile industry and currently she manages the Developer Support team for Samsung Developer Program. As part of Samsung Electronics America, Gaby has been supporting internal projects as well as strategic Samsung partners and third party developers to deliver their applications and services to the market.

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  • Type: Technical
Adrian Roos - Portrait

Adrian Roos is a Senior Software Engineer at Google where he is working on the Android Framework team. He is currently leading the effort to adapt the platform to new form factors. Adrian studied Computer Science at ETH Zürich.

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  • Type: Technical
Will Rosas - Portrait

Will leads the visual strategy and development for Disney’s Games and Interactive Experiences. Will has been making games for over 20 years as an Art Director and Creative Director. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and began his career in the video game industry at AAA game companies, including Activision and Electronic Arts. At Disney, Will partners with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios to bring beloved Disney characters and worlds to new digital experiences.

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  • Type: Technical
Samir Kant Sahu - Portrait

Samir has 12+ years of experience in developing Application/System Software and Network Solutions. He specializes in Embedded and Networking domains. Samir received the International Samsung Best Paper award in 2013 for contribution to improvement of WLAN throughput and TXOP Optimization. He has been active in various Task Groups and has filed patents in various fields, including Wi-Fi, Wearable Security Protocol and IoTivity.
In the past, Samir has worked on the complete life cycle of Wi-Fi technology on different platforms including end-to-end development. He is currently working on Real Time Operating System development and design, including optimization of various modules for memory and power for IoT. He is mainly responsible for collaboration with different Global Business Units (GBMs) and Overseas R&D centers. With collaboration and leadership, he aims to bring the best design and development solutions, keeping in mind the overall stability of the software and its aligned goals with the company’s vision.

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  • Type: Technical
Drew Schweinfurth - Portrait

Drew has been the evangelist for APIs at Walgreens for the last four years of the program. He has a passion for connecting developers with the product and business teams to build beautiful customer experiences. Breaking old systems and fixing them into more scalable solutions is what he wakes up in the morning to do. He also works on the digital innovation team at Walgreens, building out proof of concepts with ML, AI, and APIs, and he loves integrating new technologies!

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  • Type: Panel
Ben Selcow - Portrait

Ben is Senior Director and Head of Business Development at Shutterfly. His team is responsible for all partnerships at Shutterfly including integrated marketing partnerships, technology licensing, SDK/API partnerships, and advertising and gift card partnerships. Prior to Shutterfly, Ben held senior business development roles for leading consumer digital brands such as NetSpend, eHealth, and BabyCenter. Ben graduated from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MA, International Trade Policy & Economics) and from Lewis & Clark College (BA, Hispanic Studies). He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

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  • Type: Panel
Youngkyu Seon - Portrait

Youngkyu Seon is a software engineer at Samsung Electronics. He drives the development of Samsung DeX and works with the design team to create a better experience for Samsung DeX users. He is enthusiastic about the future of Samsung DeX and believes the product can change people’s lives.

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  • Type: Technical
Suwon Shin - Portrait

Suwon Shin is a Principal Engineer and has been with Samsung since 2001. Suwon’s latest work on the Ambient Mode SDK for Samsung TV 2018 will be released at SDC18. He has developed many groundbreaking Samsung TV products over the last 17 years.

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  • Type: Technical
Ted Simonides - Portrait

Ted Simonides is a Director of Product Management on the Samsung SmartThings team based in Mountain View, CA. His area of responsibility includes the Works with SmartThings program. Before joining SmartThings, he was the Director of the Developer Program at GoPro, Inc. Ted has also held product management leadership positions at a number of consumer product companies, such as Soundhawk (a hearing assistance startup), Flip Video (a Cisco company), Hewlett Packard Managed Home products, Adobe Systems (web products), and General Magic.

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  • Type: Technical
Gonzalo Simons - Portrait

Gonzalo has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Buenos Aires and a master’s degree in finance from Torcuato Di Tella University and SGH Warsaw School of Economics. He has vast experience in strategic planning at diverse companies and considers himself a passionate data-driven disrupter and innovator who loves helping fast-growing companies. Currently, he is CSO & Co-founder at uSound, an entrepreneurship created for people with hearing loss that is turning the smartphone into a hearing assistant through a mobile app and a pair of headphones.

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  • Type: Technical
Niklas Smedberg - Portrait

Niklas Smedberg (a.k.a. “Smedis”) is a Principal Graphics Engineer at Unity and has been working in the game industry since 1997, after spending his childhood in the European graphics demo scene.

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  • Type: Technical
Vinay Kadaba Srinvas - Portrait

Vinay is a Senior Engineer at Samsung R&D, Bangalore and has been part of Samsung’s Convergence experience journey starting with SmartThings Hub Platform and recently the SmartThings Device Development Kit development. Prior to joining the convergence platform, he was associated with Samsung’s Tizen IVI solution development.

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  • Type: Technical
Tim Sweeney - Portrait

Tim Sweeney is the founder and CEO of Epic Games, the company behind Unreal Engine technology as well as games such as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, and Fortnite. Sweeney started Epic in 1991 with the release of its first shareware game, and then wrote much of the first-generation Unreal Engine. He has led the company through the eras of PC, console, mobile, and online gaming.

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  • Type: Spotlight
Johannes Tacskovics - Portrait

Johannes is a Senior Manager with 15 years experience in the interactive media industry. He has worked both on the media and advertising side, and has knowledge of the online, mobile app, and social messaging ecosystems. Johannes enjoys working in innovative and fast-paced environments where he can utilize his experience, and creative and technical abilities.

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  • Type: Technical
Yosi Taguri - Portrait

Yosi Taguri was an aspiring engineer at the age of 11 when computers had 8 bits and 64K of memory. He sold his first software program at the age of 14. Later, Yosi served for nearly a decade in software development for the Israeli Defense Forces. After leaving the army, he worked as a software architect at SPL Software, a developer evangelist at Microsoft and as VP R&D at NuConomy (acquired by LivePerson). At LivePerson, Yosi researched big data platforms, including Hadoop. Prior to co-founding, Yosi founded Fiddme (where he was CEO) and Yallo (where he was CTO). At Yallo, Yosi led a deep learning project involving voice analysis. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv.

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  • Type: Theater
David Thomson - Portrait

David Thomson is a product manager of platform security for Samsung Knox. He started his career as an engineer at a defense contractor working on high security solutions for military communications and computing systems. His work there included development on a type-1 hypervisor, SELinux tools and policy curation, and multi-level handling of classified data across networks and computing systems. He moved to the Bay Area in 2013 to work at Samsung in the early days of Samsung Knox as an engineer. He focused on applying his knowledge of SELinux to Android, in what we now refer to as SEAndroid. Samsung’s work on SEAndroid has since been included into mainline AOSP and is a mandatory security protection on all modern versions of Android. David moved to Knox product management in 2015 and has focused on enabling Samsung devices to be deployed by customers in highly regulated markets, including defense deployments at the highest classification level.

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  • Type: Technical
Charae Tongg - Portrait

Charae is an experienced Software Developer who specializes in Android development and has a propensity towards music as it intersects with data science. She joined Spotify more than two years ago and since, has worked in the company’s mobile application partnerships team. There, she integrated Spotify Music with tech partners like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google and Samsung, among others. Charae most recently released the newest Spotify integration with Bixby Home, which delivers recommendations and provides playback control to users directly from the Bixby Home platform. Charae believes that Spotify listening isn’t an experience that starts when you’ve hit play nor stops once you’ve left the app; integrating music (in your phone, speaker, car, etc.) can give every experience the soundtrack it needs.

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  • Type: Panel
Carl Wahlstrand - Portrait

Carl Wahlstrand, Engineering Director and Technical Fellow, has been with Medtronic for 18 years. Carl is currently responsible for a portfolio of systems used to control implanted medical devices in Medtronic’s Restorative Therapies Group. Carl has worked on a number of systems in the Restorative Therapies group that help treat chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, spasticity, and urologic disorders. Medtronic’s Restorative Therapies Group has a strategic alliance with Samsung and has launched a number of products based on Samsung tablets and smartphones to optimize the experience for clinicians and patients. Carl currently holds 102 issued US patents and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School.

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  • Type: Panel
Danny Whang - Portrait

Danny Whang is a Principal Engineer and a long-time software developer at Samsung. He has contributed to both Tizen, Samsung’s mobile platform for developers, as well as an O2O assistant service. These two skills together have helped bring Bixby to life on many different devices.

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  • Type: Technical
Charles Williams - Portrait

CJ Williams is a Principal Program Manager Lead working on PlayFab where he leads the Analytics and Monetization teams. He has worked on analytics in the games industry for three and a half years.

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  • Type: Technical
Nick Would - Portrait

Nick has spent most of his 20-year career developing customer centric service organizations at top global telecoms businesses (Verizon, Vodafone) and on that journey has been witness to the rise in demand for IoT products and services from both enterprises and consumers. Passionate about developing a service framework that enables all customers to maximize the value they can unlock from the technology, he is currently leading the commercial and service development for Vodafone’s Smart Home proposition — V-Home.

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  • Type: Panel
Kellen Xu - Portrait

Kellen Xu is the Director of Global Business Development at Samsung SmartThings, a leading IoT and smart home platform. Kellen and her team are responsible for developing and launching partnerships and strategic initiatives globally. Prior to joining SmartThings, Kellen managed key partnerships at Wink and worked in investment banking, looking after technology and diversified industries prior to venturing into the smart home industry.

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